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I will list my books and publications as I contract each of them. My first work scheduled for publication is in an anthology.

"Stirring Sagas"- release date November 2011-through Melange Books. This is an anthology all of my stories. These are mixes of epic fantasy, sci-fi, and with some romance sprinkled in. The stories are written to be compelling and poignant.

    1. Princess of Varik
    2. Orbis Veritas
    3. Family Lost
    4. Battle Master

There is a review of "Stirring Sagas" on my reviews page.

"Tales of the Heart"- release date January 2012-through Melange
Books. This is another anthology all of my stories. They are all
romance based stories, though they have a variety of topics and aspects. They were written to reflect love at different stages of life, from different circumstances and with different outcomes. Not every dream works out like we intend.

    1. Amora
    2. Heart Throb
    3. Loneliness
    4. Tender Heart
    5. Twisting Fate
    6. Wendy

Next to release is an Epic Fantasy trilogy: through Melange Books:

"Mortus-Book I"-release date February 2012
    Dave's mother dies of cancer on Earth, an unknown uncle
    shows up and talks him into going to his father's planet. Dave
    gathers a group of friends and goes on a difficult quest. They                  are captured in an evil empire, but eventually escape, although
    they are not unscathed, to return to their own lands. They are
    greatly changed people after their ordeal.

There is a review of Mortus on my review page

There is also a book trailer for "Mortus" Click to view.

"The Gathering Storm-Book II"-release date March 2012
    They know the empire will invade, so they travel about their                   land trying to gather the fractious races to combine for their   
    mutual defense. They endure deadly tests in the process. Dave 
    is forced to deal with a serious new issue with his wife. Is a
    mysterious stranger really a friend and an ally?

There is a review of "The Gathering Storm" on my review page

"The Faenum War-Book III"-release date April 2012
    The terrible war happens. Dave is pressed to the limit to endure
    some appalling trials, including with his wife. The war is horrific              and proves to be life altering for entire societies. He is forced to             cope with a galling setback in order to go on with his life. He
    must make a choice to accept the unacceptable or lose what he
    cherishes most.  

There is a review of "The Faenum War" on my review page

I have a new epic fantasy trilogy in progress, the Shattered World Saga.
The first book is titled "Villager." It will release appx Jan 2013. The subsequent books will be "Rebel" with the conclusion being "Savior."

"Villager, The Shattered World Saga."
    Aron lives a peaceful idyllic life on his father's farm in the borderland       region of the kingdom, far from the notice of the monarchy. One day
    that all changes when the crown prince rides into their village and
    decides to take Aron's love interest, Coraline, away. Aron speaks
    impetuously and ends up being pressed into service in the royal army
    along with his adopted brother. Everything goes downhill from there
    and they must cope with terrible lives and devastating setbacks. Aron
    must find inner strength to endure and find a way to fight back.