I'm the middle child of five children. Perhaps you can say, well that explains it and I probably couldn't argue with you. Though I've lost both of my parents, all of my siblings are still alive for which I'm very thankful. I was blessed to live in a wonderful nurturing home and we've always been close. We go on family vacations together which is a good sign of how we get along.

My Dad built the house I grew up in. He was an inspector at a GM plant for his job but a carpenter for enjoyment and my mother was a nurse. This was at a time in the fifties when both parents weren't routinely working outside the home. We weren't flush with money, but our bills got paid. I still remember being the first family on the street to buy a television. We sat watching the television logo on the screen in awe for an hour before we were dazzled with an actual program coming on the air as we sipped our milk through flavor straws (chocolate or strawberry). My mother wouldn't buy Ovaltine for us.

Fiction Writer
When I announced to my parents I was going to college, they told me they could only afford one year, so I had to work fulltime to get through the other three years. My wife came from the State of Maine to MSU and we met there. We're still married so I think we did all right in that department. For me it was a very good thing, whether she agrees or not, I guess you'd have to ask her. I was really lucky to get her. She is truly a rare treasure and a wonder to live with..I can honestly say, life is good.

I'm retired from three decades in the insurance industry as a medical adjuster. I've been married for over four decades. My wife is a retired teacher. We're both graduates of the Michigan State University. (My wife went on to get her masters degree) Following graduation, I was number one in the original draft lottery and served in the army in Vietnam as a finance clerk paying combat units. I was lucky to come back intact. As I mentioned, I currently do financial consulting part time in addition to my writing.

I am also a sports fanatic for college sports and in particular MSU Spartan sports. I try to attend all of our bowl games.