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Rebel-The Shattered World Saga-Book 2

Aron led his friends in escaping captivity in the palace, but they have terrible hurdles to overcome in an unforgiving desolate region where life is cheap. In addition to the burden of leadership he doesn't want, Aron must try to cope with personal issues dealing with the significant women in his life. His life is crisis after crisis against daunting opponents and impossible situations as he tries to build a resistance against the tyranny of the nobles. They have no idea the world changing import of a new discovery until it's too late.

Savior-The Shattered World Saga-Book 3

Aron's tribulations never cease as he's faced with the dual challenges of a war against Damien with his terrible ancient weapons coupled with the capture of his fiancee Cherine by Damien. The seemingly hopeless task of fighting modern weapons with primitive ones is a daunting task and coping with Cherine's captivity in Damien's vile hands tests his soul. The allies continue looking to him for miracles as Damien mounts victory after victory in a worldwide war that seems like inevitable defeat for Aron. Turning the tide requires nothing short of that miracle to avoid the nightmare world Damien would create. Damien's horrors weren't the only surprise buried in the rubble of the ancient war.


This is a stand alone epic fantasy which incorporates my favorite elements, imperfect characters beset with difficult issues and numerous crisis.  Prince Damon is supplanted by his younger brother as crown prince for his father's throne in the city state of Kragan. Dealing with defeat is difficult enough but when stunning Beth arrives fleeing the feral pursuit of the Argore barbarians, she totally disrupts his life and shapes his daunting future. She is driven in her goals for revenge and is seemingly disdainful of the romantic attempts all around her. Beth has her own issues to sort out and cares little for the considerable affect she has on people. As always, there are plenty of surprises and plot twists and no lack of scary moments.  


Another stand alone novel, this time the genre is sci-fi, though an epic fantasy style remains as a battle of good against evil. A non-com in the Federation marine corps has doubts about their missions to wipe out indigenous populations to conquer primitive worlds at the behest of background corrupt corporations. Going beyond the barrier for the first time, they invade Dadaleon, but that starts a series of events which change him as a person and eventually the entire Federation. They could never have prepared for what they face there, a primitive race they can't conquer with modern weapons, and that's just the beginning of the startling surprises. Bret is tested in ways he could never have imagined to survive the crucible of misery he faces. Can 'right' triumph in the end? He's not so sure about that.