Fiction Writer
I've loved books all of my life and started reading for enjoyment at a young age. Now that I have free time, I find writing to be very satisfying.  One of my goals is to write books in multiple genres rather than focus on just a single avenue. 

I have areas of interest that are the focus of my stories dealing with the effects of experiences on the characters, the effects of their decisions, and the consequences of those decisions, both good and bad.  When I create characters, I prefer to pick ones which aren't perfect because real people aren't perfect. I sometimes blur the lines so the good and the bad people are less polarized. Plot twists, shocks and surprises, dropping bombs on the reader, these are my intention and my delight.

I hope to write unique, compelling and interesting stories that will capture the reader.

On my portfolio pages you'll see the books I currently have on the market as well as those in progress.

My latest release scheduled for May 30, 2017, is titled Dadaleon, my first venture into the sci-fi genre. Still, I retained elements of epic fantasy as this is a battle of good and against evil on a colossal scale.

My second project currently in editing is another new genre with my first romance novel titled, Anya. This doesn't follow the usual script for a romance as the key players were written with fatal flaws. I was intrigued with the task of trying to imagine and crystalize how women think and feel. Seeing through their eyes is a challenge of monumental proportions. This story was written about Anya, but as seen through the eyes of Peter. A genuine good guy, his hope of landing stunning Anya is like capturing smoke with your hands, and happily ever after...that can be a bumpy road.

These are 'buckle your seatbelt' books and I guarantee you will need to brew more than one cup of coffee before all is said and done.