Fiction Writer
I've loved books all of my life and started reading for enjoyment at a young age. Now that I have free time, I find writing to be very satisfying.  One of my goals is to write books in multiple genres rather than focus on just a single avenue. 

I have areas of interest that are the focus of my stories dealing with the effects of experiences on the characters, the effects of their decisions, and the consequences of those decisions, both good and bad.  When I create characters, I prefer to pick ones which aren't perfect because real people aren't perfect. I sometimes blur the lines so the good and the bad people are less polarized. Plot twists, shocks and surprises, dropping bombs on the reader, these are my intention and my delight.

I hope to write unique, compelling and interesting stories that will capture the reader.

On my portfolio page you'll see the books I currently have on the market as well as those in progress. My second epic fantasy trilogy is releasing. Here's a sample from the third and concluding book:

The beautiful warm pleasant day faded into dusk and the lamps were lit in the palace in Nephora. There was no sense of anything being amiss as people went about their normal business. The fact Aron and Cherine hadn't returned yet from their romantic excursion didn't concern anybody. Palace denisons made assumptions about their possible choice to spend time alone together in light of their recent announcement of a relationship. It was a happy surprise, unexpected but nearly universally approved. Aron was finally smiling and Cherine was certainly seen as a worthy companion for him.

Moving ahead to a later passage...

Lilith stepped into the room with a smug smile.
"You're late," he challenged as he tried to wipe away the spill from staining his white shirt.
"I had my reasons," she cooed. "I have great news for you."
"What news?"
"We've ambushed Aron and Cherine returning from the royal gardens and kidnapped them. We hold them prisoner."
"What!" he shrieked. "Lilith, what are you thinking. We're not ready for that."
"When would we be ready, Granor?" she replied in an acid tone. They're expertly guarded surrounded constantly by the fiercest fighters in the realm, people who make no mistakes. There would have been no better time than now to capture them when they let their guard down. It was ridiculously easy. They were besotted with their romantic passions and paid no attention to what was around them. Frankly, I'm surprised. With all the legends and grand stories about them, I expected much more. I find they're just a simple man and woman, no different than any other.
Granor was frantic pacing around the room and trying to collect his thoughts.
"Lilith, you've set something in motion we can't undo..."